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Liberals Shut Down Opposition Bid To Summon Trudeau To Ethics Committee

MPs wanted the chance to grill Trudeau on his dealings with the Aga Khan. Jordan Press-Canadian Press OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau has been spared from testifying before a parliamentary committee over his controversial Bahamas vacation, as Liberals on the House of Commons ethics committee said Trudeau can answer questions about the getaway during a cross-country

Liberal majority on ethics committee votes down opposition request for Trudeau to appear

‘Keeping politics and partisan attacks to the side on this is what Canadians expect,’ says Trudeau CBC News · January 9 A Liberal majority on the House of Commons ethics committee voted down an opposition motion calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to appear before the committee to answer questions over his vacation on the Aga Khan’s private

What’s the problem with Trudeau’s senate?

Questioning whether Trudeau’s senate is truly non-partisan. Kassandra Hangdaan Dec 4, 2017 One of the Liberal Party’s platform points is senate reform. Specifically, on their website, the party states that they want to bring an end “to the partisan nature of the Senate.” But, is Trudeau’s senate reflective of this goal? I argue not. University

Andrew Coyne: Our unelected Senate has no business rewriting federal budgets

Senators routinely substitute their own judgment for that of the Commons, without having to get themselves elected beforehand or to answer to voters afterward   At time of writing, Bill C-44, legislation enacting the federal budget, had yet to come to a vote in the House of Commons. Its passage was nevertheless assured: a formality,